• Hands making an upcycled ragrug at Upcycle Newcastle

Upcycle Newcastle - Shed 7D, 50 Clyde St Hamilton North

Upcycle Newcastle (a project of Transition Newcastle) is a community group in Newcastle (Australia) focusing on the circular economy and saving waste from landfill through creative re-use and repair. Rather than seeing waste as an end product to be disposed of, we prefer to see it as a new beginning.  We are concerned about our environment and the waste our society creates, responding in positive, creative ways by inspiring, teaching and making the stuff we want from the stuff we throw away.

Members can use the equipment (e.g., sewing machines, overlockers) and facilities in our space for $3/hour.

Our opening hours are:
Mon - 10am til 5pm
Tues - 10am til 5pm
Wed - 10am til 5pm
Thurs - 10am til 5pm
Sat - 1pm til 5pm

The products we sell are made by Upcycle Newcastle members in Newcastle, Australia. They're made from T-shirts, jeans and other clothing and textiles donated to us by Samaritans Op shops (their discards) and by others. This prevents them from going to landfill, or being shipped overseas to countries being inundated with our clothing waste.

Your purchase is helping support our work in the circular economy and reducing textile waste to landfill through creative reuse and repair. Thank you! 

Join Us!

Our Shed

Shed 7D, 50 Clyde St, Hamilton North

Monday - 11am - 3pm
Tuesday - Thursday, 10am - 5pm
Saturday, 1pm - 5pm