About Us

Upcycle Newcastle (a project of Transition Newcastle) is a community group (in Newcastle, Australia) focused on the circular economy and saving waste from landfill through creative re-use and repair. Rather than seeing waste as an end product to be disposed of, we prefer to see it as a new beginning.
We are concerned about our environment and the waste our society creates, responding in positive, creative ways by inspiring, teaching and making the stuff we want from the stuff we throw away.

What We Do

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Membership is $25/year and includes $20 worth of materials from Upcycle Newcastle (one purchase per year), member only workshops and member only offers. To become a member visit https://www.joinit.org/o/upcycle-newcastle.


Transition Newcastle

Transition Newcastle logo

Upcycle Newcastle is a project of Transition Newcastle Inc.

Transition Newcastle is based on The Transition Network model, which is a global, grassroots phenomenon creating community responses that address climate change and environmental sustainability.

Instead of focusing on what we don’t want, the key to the Transition Network model is focusing on creating positive visions and projects to create a truly sustainable and resilient society – a society which satisfies the needs of the present generation without compromising the capacity of future generations, a resilient society that can function and develop despite any challenges to the system it relies upon.

ABN: 76 703 651 788  

Transition Newcastle is a registered charity.